JW Dant Special Reserve Bourbon

JW Dant Special Reserve BourbonJW Dant Special Reserve Bourbon


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At a time when copper pot stills were a commodity most could not afford, Joseph Washington Dant innovated. He built his first still in 1836 according to an `old-time' design and distilled via `The log still method'. A tree trunk would be hollowed out with copper piping running through it. The hollowed trunk would be filled with fermented mash & then steam would be fed through the piping to start distillation. Dant developed a reputation for being one of the best log still bourbon producers and was revered for his efforts.
The same year he established his first distillery in what became known as Dant Station, Kentucky. Grains were grown nearby and a cooperage was established. His two sons would later pursue careers in the industry. Joseph Bernard Dant founded the Cold Springs Distillery Company which produced the famous Yellowstone whisky, while George Dant stayed on with the family distillery until Prohibition forced its closure in 1920. The brand was acquired in 1993 and is now part of the Heaven Hill portfolio. This bottle of Special Reserve is fermented from a sour mash and matured for four years in new American oak barrels

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