Wild Turkey Forgiven

Wild Turkey ForgivenWild Turkey Forgiven


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Limited edition Wild Turkey created after a mishap at the distillery, whereby crew members mistakenly mingled two batches to create a final blend of 78 percent 6-year-old bourbon and 22 percent 4-year-old Rye, bottled at 91 proof.

This bottling goes against the grain in terms of style for Wild Turkey, however in the words of Eddie Russell ...we knew we had unwittingly created something exceptional, and all was forgiven.....or words to that effect.

An accidental mingling of rye whiskey with bourbon, resulting in a product that acts like bourbon with an unusually high percentage of rye in the mashbill. It shows, with vibrant notes of warming cinnamon, fresh mint, nutmeg, licorice root, and a hint of tellicherry pepper. All this is soothed by vanilla, caramel, and subtle honeyed citrus. Lively, distinctive, and versatile.

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